Are you using these 4 Steps to Resolve Critical Issues with your Customers?

1. Never shy away from an issue a customer raises; address the issue immediately

2. Decide it’s more important to resolve the issue than determining who’s at fault

3. Find a quick resolution and provide a detail plan on the steps that will be taken

4. Never forget to Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

At Spooltech we pride our self in following the above guidelines to earn the trust of our customers, because we all understand we are 

counting on our vendors as they are the life blood of our business. A third-party trucking company had damaged some units during transport. When the units arrived, the customer was obviously concerned as the pieces were n

eeded to complete their project. When we received the email stating there was an issue, we immediately contacted them to let them know we would have a plan within a few hours. We deliberately chose to solve the issue for the customer first and then follow up with the trucking company. We used our internal shipping company to deliver a new unit the very next day. In less than two days we had resolved our customers issue. We know that you have a choice when it comes to fabricators but feel it’s hard to beat the value we provide our customers.