July 2016 – Houston, TX Spooltech was approached by a leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling and production, to create an onsite skid solution that served multiple purposes and would ultimately withstand any climate around the world but had an immediate need specific to the extreme climates in the state of Alaska. By the end of 2016, Spooltech engineered and manufactured a customized skid solution exceeding all expectations. 

Engineers inside the clients Coiled Tubing Group located at the North Slope of Alaska needed a fabricator that offered a one-stop shop with custom engineering turnkey design solutions and manufacturing capabilities, painting, in-house testing and product shipping services. The entity was looking to reduce costs in their operations and wanted to design a structure that would allow them to remove one of their cranes offsite; their current operations dictated that a mandatory of two cranes be onsite and present at all times. Additionally, it was important that the skid be designed multifunctional for onshore and offshore use, with telescoping capabilities of up to 30ft., and the ability to carry and ship their tools to and from the job-site. Requirements included that the finished result be DNV 2.7-3 and API 4F certified while also designed to withstand harsh temperatures reaching as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spooltech not only answered the call but they met even the most stringent detail and began designing a custom innovative solution that could be implemented not only in Alaska but easily be moved and utilized anywhere else around the world, saving the client additional time and spending on future projects. Spooltech provided a step-by-step process which outlined each expectation and followed guidelines for an exact product match per each individual detail requested.

After a few months of collaboration, careful analysis, research, and product testing Spooltech had engineered and manufactured the finished result which could lift the needed tower without binding or falling victim to any restraint; the skid also allowed the bale to be lifted by crane and/or forklift all while withstanding temperatures as low as -40 degrees. Spooltech managed the entire project from drawing to delivery, and had delivered exactly what was needed for the customer to continue with their groundbreaking service performance.

Spooltech works hard to define the entire fabrication process from concept to engineering and design, providing a comprehensive approach that guarantees a custom curated solution. Satisfied with their finished result, they look forward too many more years of collaboration between the two entities.