Spooltech, located in Houston, Texas is a leading Gulf Coast and National provider of industrial engineered and fabricated solutions, including custom engineered and manufactured steel skids. Offering a wide range of steel skid solutions, Spooltech’s manufacturing facility has the capacity to handle small, light-weight fabricated skids to extremely large, heavy-duty, high-capacity steel skids. Spooltech delivers high-quality, tested and certified steel skids and steel pallets for customers throughout the world, using the highest quality standards.

Spooltech customers benefit from the solutions realized in satisfying the quality requirements from a constantly expanding global customer base. Their investments in engineering and production capabilities provide customers with the highest-quality steel skids that meet or exceed weld specifications, quality assurance guidelines and load-bearing tests. Spooltech provides 2-point and 4-point and drop testing; all manufactured skids are impact tested with NDE validations performed.

Spooltech’s fabrication shop can provide customers with a single steel skid or bulk production of skids. Spooltech’s industrial skid design experience includes the manufacturing of top-notch, portable oilfield skids, turbine skids, equipment skids. Their fabricated industrial skids are heavy duty and structurally stable to withstand the demanding environments of the oilfield, chemical industries and more. Spooltech specializes in DNV GL 2.7-1 (EN 12079) and 2.7-3 skids. Cold-weather service skids, frames and baskets are another staple of their capabilities.