Spooltech’s facility, situated on 6 acres, is large enough to handle your every need.

Facility Capabilites

Built in October 2006, Spooltech’s facility, situated on 6 acres, has the capabilites to handle all your industrial custom fabrication needs.  We have 20,000 sq ft of production space with two bays with a  20 ton bridge crane with two 10 ton hooks in one bay and  a 10 ton bridge crane with two 5 ton hooks in the other. With approximately twenty eight feet of hook height to be able to pick up very large weldments.  The bay doors are 26 feet wide by 24 feet tall, with drive thru loading and unloading available. In the facility Spooltech has 100% duty welding machines with yearly calibration. Plasma machines and large capacity cut-off saw for all your cutting needs.  Several forklifts include a 26,000lb forklift with ten foot forks in order to handle all of our loading and unloading needs.  

  • Fully Enclosed Manufacturing Facility
  • 20-Ton Overhead Cranes with 28’ Hook Height
  • Drive thru bays with 24' tall and 26' wide doors
  • Plate Burning (10’ X 22’  capable of cutting up to 4" thick material)
  • Plate Rolling Machine (3/8” X 10’ Sheets, cone rolling capabilities)
  • Radial Arm Drill Press (Large Diameter Holes, Tapping and Threading)
  • Mobile Work Truck for offsite repairs and modifications
  • Calibrated load test equipment
  • 20 Ton under rollers for large vessels
  • 95 Ton Two user Iron Worker (Punch, Shear, Notch, Brake, Roll Structures)
  • Cold Sawing (10”-14” Diameter X 50’ Lengths)
  • Multiple Lathes (up to 30” Diameter X 10' Length )
  • Multiple Cold Saws (Large Capabilities, up to 50' long)
  • Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL- 36" x 25")
  • Calibrated Welding Machines (100% Duty cycle- Tig, Stick, Mig, Flux-Core, Sub arc, brazing)
  • Integrated ring groove welding machine capable of any process

Welding Codes and Procedures

  • FCAW
  • GMAW
  • GTAW
  • SAW
  • SMAW
  • AWS D1.1, ASME Section IX certified welders for Carbon, Stainless, Alloys, & Aluminum
  • Cold weather service -20°C/-4°F, Artic service -50°C/ -58°F
    DNV and ABS reviewed procedures
  • 4130, Inconel & Stainless Inlay and Overlay procedures to -75°F

Repair Services

As a Spooltech customer, you can rely on the expert field technicians to provide on-site repair services 24/7. Spooltech employs certified welding and manufacturing personnel with mobile equipment that will travel to your site when needed, to ensure your product is repaired to meet your expectations and time constraints.  Many repairs are also completed in our facilities.


Custom Design and Engineering

Experts in the coiled tubing shipping spool, working drums and working cradles industry rely on Spooltech when they need a custom designed product. The team of innovative and creative design professionals at Spooltech have created large structural fabrication products to meet end- use demands and specifications for customers worldwide. DNV-GL, ABS, EN certifications can easily be obtained for all your project needs.

Pickup and Delivery

Spooltech has a dedicated fleet of vehicles, available 24/7, to meet your pickup and delivery needs. Our experienced drivers are capable of handling all types of over-sized, over height and overweight loads. Escorts are available for all permit loads. Our fright dispatchers will help arrange for crating and shipment anywhere in the US and the abroad. Deliveries to your job-site or facility or the Port of Houston, Houston Railroad terminal or via Intercontinental Air can be scheduled though our freight and transportation service.


Global Service Area

Spooltech has been building equipment since inception that is designed to ship anywhere in the world.  From the most stringent countries such as Norway, Spooltech can provide the highest quality and testing standards for lifting to meet your needs.  Our capabilities include DNV certifications on equipment for offshore lifting and service operations.


As a Spooltech customer, you can rest assured that your product is manufactured in a waste-reduction focused environment. With Go-Green company initiatives, Spooltech focuses on conservation of the environment, using recycling and waste reduction procedures to offer products that serve a useful product life and can be recycled to reduce the impact on the environment.